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 March 21 - 23, 2003

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Dear friends and colleagues!

KRI (Russian Game Developers Conference) will take place on March 21-22, 2003. For the first time in Russian history, Moscow will host multinational gaming event that will gather leading Russian and international game developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers. Events like KRI consolidate gaming and entertainment industry and lead to establishing new business contacts between publishers, developers and hardware manufacturers.

KRI will span for two days during which participants can meet representatives of leading Russian and international software companies, participate in round tables discussions dedicated to various topics of programming, technology, visualization, overall game design, licensing and developer-publisher relations

  • 50 lections by Russian and foreign developers on programming tricks, game design, graphics, project management and business-models
  • Lections and seminars on tools/middleware held by hardware and software manufacturers
  • Project fair, with many ongoing projects brought together for publishers' appreciation, and a nice chance for developers to shed light on their new endeavors
  • Job fair for specialist and students, which grants developing companies unique opportunity find new staff.
  • Exhibition for press, biz, and overseas partners
  • Game awards in various nominations

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