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April, 17, 2007. KRI Awards

Fifth annual game developers conference in Moscow (KRI) is over. It gathered around 2200 attendants both from Russian game developing companies and developers from abroad. According to a long-established tradition, the conference was concluded by KRI Awards, the only professional game-development award in Russia. Here's the list of runner-ups and winners:

  • Best developer company - GSC GameWorld
    • Lesta
    • Nival Interactive
  • Best publisher company - 1C
    • Noviy Disk
    • Akella
  • Best localization company - Buka
    • Akella
    • Noviy Disk
  • Award from industry - DTF
  • Award from press - King's Bounty: The Legend (Katauri Interactive)
  • Best game - Disciples 3 (.dat)
    • King's Bounty: The Legend (Katauri Interactive)
    • Collapse (Creoteam)
  • Best foreign game - The Witcher (CD Projekt)
    • Guild Wars (ArenaNet)
    • Jade Empire (BioWare)
  • Best console game - Coded Arms Contagion (Creat Studios)
    • Swashbucklers (Akella)
    • Underwater Wars (Biart Studio)
  • Best hand-held game - Entis Fantasy (Nival Online)
    • Pika-Rika (KranX Productions)
    • Stargate SG-1 (SkyZone Entertainment)
  • Best debut - Death to Spies (Haggard Games)
    • Fantasy Wars (Ino-Co)
    • Jagged Alliance 3 (F3games)
  • Best game without a publisher - X-Team: Day of Freedom (N-Game Studios)
    • Azangara (AxySoft)
    • Generals (Fixart)
  • Most original project - Tension (Ice-Pick Lodge)
    • Yumsters! (KranX Production)
    • Petrovich (Trickster Games)
  • Best game design - Yumsters! (KranX Productions)
    • King's Bounty: The Legend (Katauri Interactive)
    • Aggression: Europe 1914 (Lesta)
  • Best game graphics - Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (Action Forms)
    • Collapse (Creoteam)
    • King's Bounty: The Legend (Katauri)
  • Best technology - The Engine (SkyFallen Entertainment)
    • AtmosFear 2.0 (Action Forms)
    • CREAT Engine (Creat Studio)
  • Best game sound - Adrenalin 2: Rush Hour (Gaijin Entertainment)
    • XIII Century (Unicorn Games)
    • Aggression: Europe 1914 (Lesta)
  • Best action game - Age of Pirates: Captain Blood (Akella)
    • Collapse (Creoteam)
    • Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (Action Forms)
  • Best strategic game - Fantasy Wars (Ino-Co)
    • Aggression: Europe 1914 (Lesta)
    • Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East (Nival Interactive)
  • Best roleplaying game - Dungeon Cleaners (1C)
    • Not the Time for Dragons (Arise)
    • Hard to Be a God (Burut CT)
  • Best adventure game - Dead Mountaineer Hotel (Electronic Paradise)
    • A Marvelous Mice Adventure: Meeting Sea Rat (Lazy Games)
    • Tension (Ice-Pick Lodge)
  • Best simulation game - UAZ 4x4 Addon (Avalon Style Entertainment)
    • PT Boats: Knights of the Sea (Akella)
    • Diver: Deep Water Adventures (Biart Studio)
  • Audience choice award - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (GSC GameWorld)
    • Swashbucklers (Akella)
    • Jagged Alliance 3 (F3games)

March, 13, 2007. KRI 2007 Casual and Online sections on KRI 2007

Following two most prominent trends of the past year, KRI officials and the platinum sponsor IT-Territory today announced the introduction of new sections for the forthcoming event: casual games section and online games section.

Casual games section is not a novelty for KRI Conference, it will be held for the second time since its introduction at KRI 2006. It will take place on 6th of April and is expected to gather leading casual games developers from Eastern Europe and the West. During the section, a number of presentations by Russian casual gaming portals will be held.

Online section is a new addition to KRI agenda. It is planned for April 7th and is going to welcome participants from every Russian company that works in the online gaming business, both client-based and browser-oriented. The following companies will attend this section: IT-Territory, Akella, Buka, Nikita, Nival Online, Sibilant Interactive, TimeZero, WIW and others.

Sections are open 11-00 to 18-00. If you want to participate or prepare a lection, please email to

March, 01, 2007. KRI 2007 Site Opened

Russian Game Developers Conference (RGDC, or KRI) is the only professional conference for developers and publishers of games and interactive entertainment in Russia. Now KRI is the most outstanding and popular among game industry entrepreneurs on the post-soviet area. KRI is yearly visited by more than 3000 people representing more than 120 game companies from Russia, CIS states, Baltic states and other countries.

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