KRI Conference 2013

Russian Game Developer's Conference, or KRI, is an annual professional event devoted to game development, publishing and distribution. Since its inception in 2003, KRI has quickly established as Russia's leading event of the type, offering developers unique chance to share experience, meet colleagues and communicate their ideas and works to professional public. Not only has KRI attracted industry representatives from ex-USSR countries, but also from abroad. Every annual KRI has been attended by renowned game developers that are known across the planet.

KRI 2013 will take place on May 15-17, 2013 at the Cosmos Hotel located in Moscow. It is expected to be even bigger than all previous KRIs, with more attendants, more industry events and, of course, more business opportunities. As the only truly industrial conference in Russia, KRI 2013 will once gather developers, publishers, middleware providers and hardware manufacturers from all over Russia and former USSR countries. It is going to be three days of intense negotiations, surprise announcements, project signings and business deals. Plus, it's many new people to see, new opportunities to explore and projects to check out.

Every year, KRI offers its visitors an extensive program of events, which includes lections varying from programming to game company management, panels, round table discussions, presentations, unveilings of new products and games, and so on. Every year, organizers revise the list of events to expand it and to offer even more value for attendees. Some of them are already widely recognized by domestic industry. Integral parts of every KRI are:

  • Lectures and seminars on various game development topics by renowned game developers from Russia and celebrities from abroad
  • Business Lounge, a best opportunity for all developers and contractors to show off their work and establish new business contacts.
  • KRI Expo — a Russian game development at its best. Lots, lots, lots of startling projects developed by first tier development teams and in-house studies. It's what makes Russian gaming industry a world-class one, a proof of professionalism and creativity of domestic game developers.

Core audience of KRI are people and companies that are working in games industry of Russian Federation, CIS countries and Baltic states. They make up to 9/10 of the entire KRI audience. The rest are related to the electronic entertainment industry and students who seek for knowledge and future employment. Survey conducted at the last KRI shows that:

  • Business of the 93.7% of the KRI participants is related to the gaming industry, 54.3% deal with outsourcing, and 49.6% are also working in other areas
  • Over 80% of KRI participants work in companies that develop games
  • Around 50% of KRI participants take administrative or management posts
  • 84% of KRI participants are directly involved in decision making or evaluate the needs of companies to purchase new hardware, software or services
  • Over 95% of KRI participants are willing to take part in next KRI

KRI 2013 is organized by KRI Ltd.

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